Result: the best combination of charm, attractiveness, and you can sexiness
Nudist Dating tips

Result: the best combination of charm, attractiveness, and you can sexiness

Result: the best combination of charm, attractiveness, and you can sexiness
Nudist Dating tips

Result: the best combination of charm, attractiveness, and you can sexiness

Result: the best combination of charm, attractiveness, and you can sexiness

Tall, black and you can naughty. Those individuals have been my very first impressions off Serbian people after i arrived during the Belgrade’s Tesla International airport. Very soon, once i braved this new cold road off Serbia’s capital, my thoughts had been only bolstered, reinforced and you will solidified.

I was with all categories of females but there is however one thing really horny from the Slavic female. Very first, these are typically most feminine – they just ooze femininity. Once the remaining globe will be infested having feminist cancer tumors, Serbia-including the rest of Slavic countries-provides only been protected.

Appears to be feminism and you may Slavs are just like oil and you may h2o: they just do not combine as well really. Definitely, because an east Eu kid, I’m including some time biased that have grown up up to her or him of an early age.

My single gripe which have Slavic girls is the fact a lot of them have soft epidermis. I am not saying far with the blondes and you may favor my personal lady to possess a bit of color, particularly if he has got sometime dark skin colors. You’ll find the latest Spaniards and Italians but they’re rapidly going the newest technique for the Western counterparts: unfeminine, rude and you may bitchy.

Reach think of it, Brazilian ladies complement this criteria very well along with their naughty olive body and you may bikini tans, but I am far regarding promised residential property.

Enter Serbia. Serbian women can be Slavic but with ebony, olive-skinned complexions of their Mediterranean equivalents. He could be high, narrow, features black hair and you will striking eyes.


Before we become on women, a tiny background lesson is in order. And you will Serbia is one nation that is rich in history. Having five-hundred decades it actually was influenced by the Ottoman Kingdom (Turks). As a result of its collapse, the region achieved the fresh new notoriety to be known as the “Dust Keg from European countries” because inciter of numerous issues leading to new outbreak off Business Conflict I.

After World war ii, they turned into one of many five republics of one’s recently molded Yugoslavia. From inside the 1991 – shortly after a lot more devastating wars – they in the end turned into another county. Inside 1999, Serbia was accused because of the West countries from genocide and you may next bombed by the NATO.

This new concern is brand new partially acknowledged Republic from Kosovo (which is now a de–facto condition), and you will, once i rapidly discover, an interesting matter regarding discussion to your women. Even though, I suggest treading meticulously when discussing government and other painful and sensitive factors.

For decades, Serbia plus the encompassing part has been a beneficial melting cooking pot out-of different racing for example Slavs, Turks, and you will Muslims. Which could give an explanation for nation’s fascinating society therefore the dark/slutty skin of one’s girls.


Serbians talk Serbian, a-south Slavic vocabulary, which is the same as Croatian and you will Montenegrin. Instead of Croatians whom utilize the Latin alphabet, Serbians have fun with Cyrillic, so if you don’t know a beneficial Cyrillic language, you will need in order to get acquainted with it to know and take a look at cues. It is extremely easy and ought not to take you much time.

Because a native Russian speaker, I can with ease see all the authored text message however, becoming capable learn verbal address try next to impossible. Furthermore, You will find read that in the event that you currently cam other Slavic vocabulary, as proficient in Serbian requires as low as step one-90 days.

In the event that speaking overseas dialects isn’t really your look, you’ll end up glad to understand that English is actually generally verbal when you look at the Serbia. (That is what I’d to help you believe in.) Extremely Serbians not as much as 35 possess a significant demand regarding English; needless to say, young age group sometimes speak it very well.

The women

It looks like the greater amount of southern area for the European countries you are going, the greater number of conventional and you will relationships-inclined would be the female. Northern European female such as for instance Danish and you can Swedish try easier than you think in order to bed and you will often sleep to the earliest dates. On top of that, The new Balkans was home of the most traditional female into the entire Eu region. (Spanish, Italian and Portuguese ladies are also very old-fashioned, but, as opposed to Serbian women, they truly are so much more Westernized.)