In 2007, the first universal search was developed. Since then, as more information has been available, search engines like Google and Bing have expanded in functionality and sophistication. With the advent of universal search, individuals all around the globe, regardless of their location or native language, now have access to information beyond online search results. Google began considering local results, photos, videos, jobs, maps, and more to deliver the most relevant information to its consumers.

How Does Universal Search Work, and What Factors Determine Its Results Ranking?

Google’s ever-changing search engine results pages are largely due to Universal Search. Before the change, only web-based results were shown. However, videos, local results, and photographs are showing up in search results to deliver the most relevant result for users.

Since this update went live, further considerations have been included. Data growth has resulted in and will continue to result in a proliferation of distinct search results. Dynamic search results and the finest results shown in whatever format the user chooses are hallmarks of universal search.

Regarding the elements used to determine rankings, there are several. It was formerly thought that there were 200 criteria used to determine rankings. On the other hand, thanks to technological advancements, Google (and, by extension, every other search engine) has long since passed that threshold.

Google, however, does present a set of variables that affect Universal Search. These items are:

Quality, Relevance, Timeliness, Freshness, Structured Data, RankBrain, and Topicality

Find Out How Real Universal Search Functions

As was previously mentioned, Google gives each page on the internet a score based on the quality of its content. Each page is given an aggregate score that considers 7 grouping criteria. However, given the current rate of development, Google may offer new criteria shortly.

Even a single negative element may severely impact a page’s quality score.

Your whole setup must be excellent. Google’s Universal Search Ranking gives an edge to websites with all 7 web characteristics. These companies will be shown at the top of search engine results pages.